Gate Repair

The culture of installing gates is catching up with security concerns on the rise everywhere. Gates provide a greater level of security since they ensure that anybody who wants to enter the perimeter of the house will have to go through an initial screen at the gate. With good control systems available, you can make sure that any suspicious individual is not allowed inside the main gate. Gates are not just important because they offer security, you need to keep them functional because they are the only point from where you can get in or out of the house.

With so much relying on the functioning of gates, it is important to get them installed correctly. Many of the issues faced by users in the gate’s functioning step from incorrect installation. If you would get the gate installed from a quality vendor who has great expertise in the field, you would be able to rid yourself from facing constant problems with the gate’s performance.

Installing gates is no easy task though as there is not just the physical gate that has to be installed. Gates nowadays come with complex control systems that allow users to control the gate’s movement right from their bedroom. The installation of the control system can be tricky and only people who have worked with different gates and different control systems can actually do the job. We can proudly say that we have worked with almost all types of gate and gate control systems and our experience proves valuable in seamless installation of gates in households of Pasadena.

We don’t just offer gate installation services though. Our knowledge of gates also enables us to repair different issues associated with them as well. So, in case you have a faulty gate or want a new gate, you should call us immediately because there aren’t many who can match us in gate repair and installation in Pasadena.

Automatic Gate Repair

Automatic Gate Repair Service Santa Barbara CAAn automatic gate drastically changes the look of a residence or a business area. If you have an automatic gate installed at home or business, it would need some sort of service or repair at some point. We have a stock of new automatic gates which you can buy to replace your old one. Our company holds a 15 years experience in gate repair and installation, thus our technicians would help you professionally to install a new automatic gate of any brand. If you do not like the gates available in our stock, our technicians are qualified enough to build you a custom gate meeting your requirements and taste. Without that, as our technicians are experienced, they are able to provide professional recommendation regarding automatic gates and accessories for it to keep you out of the headache of choosing the wrong one.

Slide Gate Repair

Slide Gate Repair Service Santa Barbara CAGarage Door and Gate repair Company in Santa Barbara offers high quality sliding gates for residential and commercial properties. They provide you with a sense of security with it’s solid body and sliding mechanism which can be controlled by control system installed inside the property. Our company has been dealing with sliding gates for quite some time and we specialize in its installation and repairs. We are proud to be the ranked one choice in the town for slide gate repair services. Just give us a call and we send our technician your way who will take care of the installation or repair of your sliding gate. We even offer a wide range of sliding gates at a very reasonable price.

Swing Gate Repair

Swing Gate Repair Service Santa Barbara CAIf you prefer the swinging style for your gate, swing gate is the right choice for you. Nowadays swing gates provide you with a great deal of protection. Swing gate is the perfect choice among all the gate choices as it is operated by the gate hinges and powered by gate opener. But a huge drawback of swing gates is the fact that the weight of the gate sometimes applies huge stress to the hinges and makes it break at a certain stage.

Apart from that, another problem that is common with swing gates is breakage of the swing gate post. In this case, you would be unable to close the gate in a proper manner.

Again a sensor on a swing gate is also a subject to get damaged just like garage door opener sensors. You will be notified with this problem when the opener system would not respond properly to the commands given by the remote control system. Each time you will have to push the button on the wall to open or close the gate.

So it is clear that high quality maintenance is required for the hinges to work smoothly. Our company will help you with any problem you face regarding the swing gate.

Security Gate Repair

security gate repair servicesSecurity gates are specially designed to provide full protection for you and your family. These gates are the toughest and are best suited for security purposes. We have a separate specialized staff just for the repair and installation of this special kind of gate. This gate comes with a security alarm system which notifies you in the cause of any forced intrusion. These gates are likely to get repairs time to time. Often people are deprived of using these gates because of the complexity in the structure of their building. But Garage Door and Gate Repair Company in Santa Barbara assures you of a customized security gate regardless of the structural complexities, to get fit on your property. Just give us a call and we will solve your problem regarding the security gate.

Gate Sensor Repair

Gate Sensor Repair Service Santa Barbara CAWhatever the type of gate you use in your residence, it is important to install gate sensors with it too. These sensors provide an added security feature. The sensors are called by the name photo eyes sometimes. Whenever anyone comes near the gate, this sensor alerts the resident of a visitor. Also these sensors help prevent damage to the gate in cases where the gate is opening or closing and detect a heavy object in its path. It would stop at the very instant it detects an obstruction in its path. Broken sensors, broken sensor cables, dust on the sensor eyes are some of the problems that cause a gate sensor to malfunction. Remember, these sensors are installed as a safety feature. An accident can happen at any time due to sensor failure. That is why, malfunction of these sensors might result in as a life threatening injury. Our company specializes in gate sensor installations and repairs.

Gate Opener Repair

Gate Opener Repair Service Santa Barbara CAIt is important that you choose the correct gate opener, otherwise it won’t matter which gate you have installed because it won’t open or close as and when required. Top manufacturers for gate openers are Eagle gate opener, DKS gate opener, FAAC gate opener, BSL gate opener, Ramset gate opener, Liftmaster gate opener, All O Matic opener, Doorking gate opener, Elite gate opener etc. Even though these manufacturers give guarantees, but it does not mean that these gates won’t be required to maintain and even repair. A gate opener system is a sophisticated system installed with your gate. It is a complex and at the same time a dangerous process to repair it. It is best that you leave the service of these gate openers to us. As our business policy always has been to keep you happy, we prefer a repair than replace all the time unless the error is irreparable. Our technicians will not only help you with the selection of appropriate gate opener but also get it installed for you.

Gate Intercom Repair

Gate Intercom Repair Service Santa Barbara CAThe best way to secure your residence is to implement an intercom system along with a security gate. It is important that you stay in your house and communicate with the person outside before letting him/her inside. There are a few types of intercoms such as audio intercom system and video intercom system. A specific gate control button is also present on the intercom which acts as the gate key when pressed. Our company specializes in installation and repair of intercom systems whether it is residential or commercial.

Apart from intercom based services, our company offers repair services for the gate keypad system. Some problems associated with a gate keypad system that our technicians are fixing frequently is loose gate keypad ware and broken motherboard inside. Just call us and let us be of your service.

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