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Dr. Garage Door Repair Santa Barbara CAOur family operated garage door company is located in Santa Barbara and has been working for over a decade. This company is licensed with ‘better business bureau’ in Santa Barbara, CA. Our main objective is to deliver you with the excellence in garage door repair and get you satisfied with our service.

Our garage doors are being installed in Santa Barbara and its surrounding areas. We do not only provide installations of garage doors but also are very good at garage door repair service. You will never get unhappy with our full featured service that we provide for your garage doors. We have a wide variety of garage door accessories available for installation which are garage door openers, garage door torsion springs, garage door extension springs, garage door panels, garage door hardware and much more. We are striving to build up your confidence in our service.

When it comes to our service charges, we are very nominal in it. No other garage door service company can match the prices we offer for our products. We have not fixed the prices of our products just due to the reason that we feel content with discussing it in person with you. Just give us a call at (805) 322-3397 and let us be at your service.

Click for CouponsFrom a business point of view, it is very important that you keep a good outlook of your company. Thus a garage door should be in proper working condition and that can be made sure by keeping in touch with our garage door repair company. Our commercial garage door repair company in Santa Barbara provides the service of an experienced staff of technicians who provide high quality repairs and installations of commercial garage doors. We provide new commercial garage door springs, garage door cables, garage door safety chains, garage door openers and much more. Just give us a call to get more information on it and let us be of your service.

Garage door springs will wear off anytime due to lack of maintenance and heavy load lifting. You cannot do much about the spring breaking off as it is situated in a very critical position. If not properly maintained, it will wear off too easily and too quickly. The lifetime of these springs can be increased by proper maintenance by a certified technician such as ours. The most common cause of the springs to break is the fact that door torsion spring breaks causing the weight distribution to go off balance which eventually destroys the whole mechanism. So if you are replacing one of your garage door springs, it is mandatory that you replace the other one with it as well. Otherwise, the older garage door spring will cause you trouble just after some time and cause an uneven load on the garage door. Thus this fact might cause the other parts of the garage door to get affected.

Extreme caution is required in this case which is well monitored by getting in touch with the garage door repair Santa Barbara. You can repair torsion spring yourself but it’s too risky and you might get your finger cut due to any carelessness. Thus it is advised to lay low and let the professionals handle this situation and no one can serve you better than Garage door repair Santa Barbara as our company stands with more than 20 years of experience.

If your garage door is having problems closing or opening up completely, or if you find it hanging a little more at one end, it is likely that you have a broken or detached cable at one end. The entire garage door cables work together in a symphony, such as a problem in one can malfunction the whole mechanism. These cables provide balance and motion to your garage door opener. If there is no proper maintenance of the garage door cables, there would be a point where the cables would break and a replacement would be your only option left. It is recommended that you do not repair it yourself unless you have experience dealing with such type of things; otherwise it can lead to a serious injury in case of even a slight carelessness. Mostly all the garage doors use the same cables in their mechanism, so it is pretty easy to detect the problem and repair it. Garage Door Repair Santa Barbara has all the experience to provide with the solution to this problem.

Garage door tracks are metal rails present on each side of the door which keep it in place and also ensure its smooth operation. Garage doors are known to go off track if they are not handled properly, finishing up in an odd position. Garage doors that have gone off track can’t be shut properly which means that anyone can sneak into your garage with ease. Not only this, a garage door in an asymmetrical position can be a danger to anyone who is using it as there is a strong chance of the door falling down because of the snapping of the cable. So, if you are facing the issue of garage door off track in Santa Barbara then give us a call immediately. Our technicians will come and reset the door as quickly as possible.

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